Super Savings Saturday – 10/13/18

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

It was a week of extremes—temperature, that is. From a record setting high of 85 degrees early, to a bone-chilling 41 degrees today, it’s been pretty weird. 

On the shopping front, I found lots of good deals on food. There wasn’t a single item that I needed or wanted at the drugstores, so I skipped them altogether. 


Green grapes, sale price $0.99/lb. Total: $5.81.

Eggplant, sale price $0.99/lb. Total: $4.93.

8 Signature Kitchen frozen veggies, sale price $0.69. Total: $5.52. (There was a strict limit of 8, or I would’ve bought much more.)

Market Basket:

4 Excedrin, sale price $1.99. I used 4 $2.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: Free.

3 Avocadoes, sale price $0.99. I used a $0.75/3 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $2.22.

Bananas,  sale price $0.39/lb. Total: $9.74. (Some for eating, some for freezing, some for baking.)

3 Skippy peanut butter, sale price $2.00. I used 3 $1.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: $3.00. (I prefer Jif, but this is okay.)

Cains mayonnaise, sale price $2.50. I used a $2.00 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $0.50.  (Also not my preferred brand—Hellman’s is the best—but a good price.)

Turkey breast, $0.99/lb. Total: $8.03. (I roasted the whole thing and turned it into one dinner, two lunches, and chili.)

Local Orchard:

We wanted to go apple picking. Intense rain changed our minds. Instead of picking our own, we bought a bushel that had a mix—Cortland, McIntosh, Macoun, Crispin, Gala, and Jonagold. The price was $50.00, for about 42 lbs. That is slightly higher than a grocery store’s cheapest apple, but we enjoy supporting local farms. 


Have you used any coupons lately?

2 thoughts on “Super Savings Saturday – 10/13/18

  1. Florence Cochrane

    Great savings. I wish food was this cheap in may province. That is great prices without the coupons.

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