Super Savings Saturday – 10/6/18

After last week’s craziness, it’s been nice to experience a slower pace. In addition to regular grocery shopping at Market Basket, I found a few good deals at the drugstores and tried shopping at a new store for the first time.

It’s always nice to find cheap paper products and free cosmetics!


3 Nice storage ziplocs, sale price $0.99. Total: $2.97.

3 Smile paper plates, sale price $0.99. Total: $2.97.

Sparkle paper towels, sale price $5.99. I used a $1.25 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $4.74.


Details on this one can be found here


Poparazzi nail polish, regular price $2.99. I used a $2.99 store coupon. Total: Free.

4 Rimmel Eye Shadow Sticks, sale price $2.99. I used 4 $3.00 manufacturer’s coupons. Total: Free.


Have you used any coupons lately?

2 thoughts on “Super Savings Saturday – 10/6/18

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      If you’re into coupons, or willing to start, there is so much free stuff out there. It does take time and effort, which I know some folks don’t have. Personally, I love it as a hobby.

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