Super Savings Saturday – 4/6/19

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday. This week was all about the yard, mainly prepping for the food garden and the flower garden. (I’m trying to narrow down my seed selection, which is always the hardest part.) Home Depot’s annual Spring Black Friday was in full swing, so I had to browse. Overall, it was nothing special. I did find a few goodies, however.

Home Depot:

A Gorilla ladder that was on sale for $99 looked tempting in the ad. Of course, the store was completely sold out since it was originally $219 when I checked in person yesterday. The same thing happened in 2018 when I waited too long. Maybe I’ll actually buy one in 2020!

5 Miracle-Gro soil bags, sale price $2.00. Total: $10.00.

2 mulch bags, sale price $2.00. Total: $4.00.

The above items are used for flowers and plants. I prefer to use organic and non-GMO for fruits and veggies.


2 dozen eggs, sale price $0.99. Total: $1.98.

4 cantaloupe, sale price $1.50. Total: $6.00.

Sparkle paper towels, sale price $3.99. I used a $0.75 manufacturer’s coupon. Total: $2.49.

Bone-in whole turkey breast, sale price $0.99/lb. Total: $5.83.

Rite Aid:

4 True Lime drink mixes, clearance price $0.25. Total: $1.00. (I found one on the shelf and three more hidden on an end cap. Sometimes you just have to dig.)


Did you use any coupons this week?

4 thoughts on “Super Savings Saturday – 4/6/19

  1. clickclickmycat

    I plan on doing my garden supplies shopping next week. Thanks for the heads up on these deals. (Audrey Stewart)

  2. Annette

    That’s a great price on the True Lime! I love that stuff, but the grocery store I visit most often only has the sweetened kind (I prefer to add my own liquid stevia). Sadly, all the Rite Aids, except one, around here closed. The one that didn’t close, became a Walgreens and when I went to use my gift card, they were closed that day for the transition. 🙁 I had no idea. So now I’m stuck with a gift card and no locations in which to use them. Plus, they don’t accept them online.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      I recently heard that Walgreens is having financial trouble, mainly due to buying out so many Rite aid stores. They wanted to kill the competition, but it’s backfired big time. I’m so sorry about the gift card! That is just awful. Save the gift card in case you travel. You might be able to use it then. The way Walgreens treats customers is terrible. They have cut Register Rewards to the bone, skip Black Friday completely and have the worst sales. I like Rite Aid much more, and CVS best of all.