Super Savings Saturday – Black Thursday Edition

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

What a week for shopping it was! I shopped ’til I dropped during the “Coupon Olympics” and ended up with bags and bags of freebies. At the last minute, I ended up adding more stores than I had planned, thanks to a reader’s tip. Because I wasn’t fully prepared, I didn’t get everything I wanted, but it came out pretty good anyway. I would say 2017 was definitely a bronze medal year and possibly a silver, but I didn’t attain gold level.

All of my shopping was done on Thursday afternoon/evening, starting at 2:00PM.

Cumberland Farms:

They were giving out free hot or iced coffee for Thanksgiving. This came in handy so I could perk up for the mission ahead.


I found everything on this list except for GUM toothbrushes and Organic Doctor skincare. In the past, they have not issued rain checks for Black Friday, so I was surprised that they offered without any problem. I will pick up those 2 items when the store restocks.

Rite Aid:

The store was completely empty, just me and two cashiers and every item in the flyer was available. It was probably the most relaxing shop ever, even though my list was huge. Great experience! My favorite freebie was the Kleenex. (Maybe I’m weird?)


Since they opened early evening and are located on the same street as the drugstores, I couldn’t help taking a peek. It was busy, but not insanely so. Every doorbuster advertised, including the TV’s, was gone within minutes and people were very upset! I spent $3.60—$2.00 for a Thanksgiving mug and $1.60 on a 6-pack of white washcloths.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day, we then decided to venture to the mall for some free after rebate items at Macy’s. Good lord, that store is so poorly run! They had no ads, no carts, missing or misplaced signs, no rebate forms, and the rudest staff I’ve ever seen! Since I was literally winging it without a proper plan, I was happy to score all this stuff:

  • Bella mini crockpot
  • 2 Ralph Lauren pillows
  • Gold Toe Men’s slippers
  • Longchamp 4-piece crystal glasses
  • Disney Olaf stuffed animal from Frozen
  • Men’s sweatpants

I couldn’t find the thermal shirt, sweatshirts, or tote bags and the perfume was sold out.

As for the rebates, OMG, what a process. I didn’t realize that I had to submit a separate form for each deal, so it took over an hour to print forms, get receipts/UPCs and address each envelope. I’m happy to get the freebies, but Macy’s really makes you work for it.


How was your Black Friday? Did you shop at all, and if so, which day?