There is Nothing Empowering About SlutBox

Having the opportunity to review products is such a fun part of blogging. I’m fortunate to receive a lot of pitches and I love anything to do with food, books, or beauty, especially when they come packaged into a monthly subscription box. 

There is one, however, that I will not only refuse to review, but outright denounce. It’s called Slut Box and it’s truly offensive on so many levels. 

You’d think a company that claims to be about supporting women, promoting feminism, and reducing sexual assault would be good. I support all of those things, but definitely not in the way that Slut Box suggests.

Of course, we only have to look at its creator and everything becomes clear. This revolting concept was designed by Amber Rose. Famous mainly for her high profile relationships with celebrities and for being extremely promiscuous, Amber has a shaved head, tattoos covering her entire body, wears the skimpiest clothes, and constantly complains that she is objectified and demeaned.

Seemingly unaware that her behavior is contributing to the problem, Amber has decided to embrace the worst insults any woman can be called such as “Slut” and “Whore,” claiming that those words are “empowering” and we should love—and use—them often.

To promote her bizarre ideology, she encourages women to participate in “Slut Walks” and to use her “Slut Approved” products. Let’s take a look inside the October Box.

While most of the items are indeed beauty products, you will also find a strange array of nipple pasties, lubricants, and condoms, along with an opportunity to join “Slut Nation,” for the fee of $29.99. Oh, and did I mention that some of your money will go to “fight and prevent rape culture.” 

Now, I couldn’t care less what people do in their own bedroom. Every adult can make their own choice. But I do not believe that promiscuity benefits anyone—male or female. The opposite is true; it hurts both genders, in different ways. Telling someone to call herself a slut and dress like a slut is not empowering, it is dehumanizing! It strips a lady of her pride and self respect. It most certainly will not decrease rape and it will only increase feelings of self loathing. 

A normal lady doesn’t want to be a slut. She wants to be loved and cherished by one man, who is faithful to her, just as she is faithful to him. Only monogamy can provide that. I don’t say it because I’m a prude or silly or old fashioned. I say it because it’s true

If we want to empower women—and I truly believe we should—we need to promote concepts that are actually beneficial such as literacy, financial aptitude, teaching women to drive, to swim, to do everything we can on our own to be strong and successful. Most of all, we need to teach women to protect their own bodies from unwanted touch and attention.

Dressing and behaving modestly is something within every lady’s own control. By doing so, we are much more likely to get decent treatment from men and their respect. Personally, I don’t want to be looked at as a piece of meat, as a sex object, as a “slut box” for someone to use. That’s sick! That’s the complete opposite of feminism. 

You know what is empowering? Being a lady. Being a Proverbs 31 woman. Having respect for ourselves and never, ever allowing anyone to demean us verbally with bad words. I will never tolerate the use of such awful slurs in my presence and no other lady should either. We need to fight these words, not embrace them. Amber Rose and other Hollywood radicals can disagree with me. That’s fine, but we all know the truth in our hearts. The word “slut” is pure filth and it should be banned, not promoted.