Too Funny: I Was Invited to Swim with Wild Pigs

Some emails are so hilariously odd that they need to be shared. Would you believe that yours truly was invited to swim with wild pigs? No, that’s not a euphemism, it was an actual offer. 

To be fair, it was addressed to “Dear Blogger,” rather than to me personally, so I’m assuming it was part of a cold email list. Even so, it’s pretty funny for a Jewish lady.

Evidently, swimming with wild pigs is an actual tourist attraction in the Bahamas. Who knew? Certainly not me, and I’ve been to the Bahamas on vacation multiple times! 

The idea of swimming with farm animals, let alone pigs, just grosses me out. Swimming with sea creatures like fish and dolphins is cool, but not land animals.


Maybe it’s just me? If you would do it, let me know. I find it so creepy!

4 thoughts on “Too Funny: I Was Invited to Swim with Wild Pigs

  1. Derek Miller

    I would swim with the piggies, cute little critters although if they are wild I would worry about a bite. Pigs can crunch bone. I hate to say this though but the person’s offer addressed only to blogger feels like it has some racist undertones I don’t appreciate. Maybe I am being a little too sensitive though.