Does Wearing a Long Skirt Make You Seem Religious?

If you wear a long skirt, will other people assume you’re religious? According to this article from The Forward, some may think so, judging by the title:
“When Secular Jewish Women Wear Long Skirts, Confusion Ensues.”

Frankly, I consider this to be a lot of hoopla about a non-existent problem. I know many ladies, from Ultra Orthodox to Atheist, that just enjoy wearing long skirts because they’re comfortable. (I’m one of them!)

Modest dress is practiced by every religion, but no one equates a long skirt, which can be purchased in any Walmart or Target in America, with a head scarf, or a prairie dress, or anything like that.

As for the “confusion” long skirts create—seriously, no one is confused, but whatever—does it really matter what a stranger assumes? Not one bit! Ladies shouldn’t be judged on their hemlines, period. Wear whatever you like best and let others do the same.

10 thoughts on “Does Wearing a Long Skirt Make You Seem Religious?

  1. Lisa

    I wear maxi skirts all summer long with tank tops and halter tops. Does that make me extra confusing? That article is just silly.

  2. Heather Starastin

    I’m kind of amazed this is even a thing. I, and probably millions of others, wear long skirts simply because they are incredibly flattering over wide hips and chunky legs.

  3. elcane

    religion is so scary and controlling and ive had it up to here with all these labels and judging peope from left to right

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