Yes, Jews DO Celebrate Thanksgiving

I don’t know what’s up recently, but numerous people have asked me both online and in person if Jews can celebrate Thanksgiving. My reply: “Of course, I’m an America!”

With the exception of Christmas and Easter, there is not a single American holiday that I don’t participate in and enjoy celebrating. Other than the Orthodox community, which doesn’t acknowledge all secular events, this is the overwhelming custom for American Jews.

Thanksgiving has nothing to do with a particular faith, rather it brings together all faiths, teaching the lessons of gratitude, friendship, and harmony. If we could emulate the lovely example of tolerance and togetherness expressed by the Indians and the Pilgrims, it would be very beneficial in the modern age.

A lot of topics are discussed here on the blog, but most of all, I hope that by sharing my own ideas and customs, it will help to mainstream Judaism and Jews in general. We have made a lot of progress, for sure, but there are many misconceptions and stereotypes that persist. My life, as a Jewish American lady, is very similar to most others, even those who are a different religion.

The most wonderful part about America is that everyone is welcome. No matter what our race, creed, religion, or mindset, Thanksgiving is open for all and I truly appreciate that. Maybe the foods and participants vary from table to table and home to home, but it’s a day that doesn’t discriminate.

2 thoughts on “Yes, Jews DO Celebrate Thanksgiving

  1. Ellen Beck

    I dont know why someone would ask that as Thanksgiving isnt a religious holiday, but then again too, if they are trying to understand something I guess it is better to ask than assume? At least they asked ?
    I saw another interesting post you wrote and was hoping to get over to comment.. As I mentioned before, following you has been not only educational bu enlightening to me. It is nice how you describe your faith and viewpoints.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      It wasn’t asked in a mean way, just genuinely curious and I’m fine with that. Even so, I think it’s kind of weird. I’m really glad that you enjoy the posts and find them helpful. I so enjoy reading your comments because they’re always insightful!

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