Anti-Semitic Attack at Jewish Nursing Home

A Jewish nursing home in the Bronx was targeted on Saturday by a truly deranged individual. Under the pretense of needing a bathroom, this lunatic was allowed access to the home. Once inside, he entered a room and tried to rob the 84-year-old resident, screaming anti-Semitic slurs and hitting him with a fire extinguisher! When he didn’t receive any money from the obviously bewildered and frightened victim, he proceeded to trash the room while smoking drugs.

Police have no idea if the victim was targeted specifically or caught up in a random attack. Either way, it’s extremely troubling! The elderly are one of the most vulnerable communities and deserve special care. I think anyone who would beat a senior citizen and try to rob them deserves the harshest sentence allowed by law because they are clearly a threat to the public.

Blame is being put on the security guard who let him in, but I don’t think that’s entirely fair. Many residents in nursing homes sit alone, day after day, with no company at all. Visitors are encouraged and while security is obviously important, we don’t want to put up unnecessary barriers. It’s hard to predict this type of event, when the average mind could never, ever conceive of such hatred and violence.

Very sad situation!

6 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Attack at Jewish Nursing Home

  1. Bob

    I for one, am sick and tired of the horrible ignorance. Christian Zionist here, love the lord, israel, and my American Jewish friends.

  2. ellen beck

    I agree there are many who sit day after day… but I have to assign some fault with the security guard IF indeed the person was coming in ‘to use the restroom’ I mean, yes, be nice, but goodness gracious there are elderly people who are vulnerable. You wouldnt let someone in off the street into a children’s facility just t use the bathroom.
    It sickens me to hear of anyone ever hurting an elderly person ever. It sickens me to hear of anyone taking advantage of anything vulnerable- it may have had nothing to do with his religion, but if it did and the man was targeted, shame on the person who did it.
    I have no words for what the elderly gentlemans family must feel like thinking he was safe there.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Was it poor judgment? Absolutely! But the intent was not bad. Just a very unfortunate mistake. I completely agree that anyone who targets the elderly is incredibly sick.

      1. ellen beck

        I agree the intent in and of itself wasnt bad. Not at all, but there had to be some reason for security. Granted I dont know what type of home this was. I know in assisted living, the doors here have a security feature much like apartments. The nursing homes here generally have doors that have alarms to safeguard residents with memory problems and you have to get ‘buzzed’ in. There are even places who have restricted lists as to who can visit and who can not.
        I just have never seen a building with real live security I guess. It would be human error and a terrible mistake. Maybe it is a regional thing to have live security?
        I am just glad the fella os OK.

        1. The Jewish Lady Post author

          My understanding is that security varies based on the type of home and how upscale it is. I’ve seen some super luxurious centers in South Florida that have on-site concierge, beauty salon, and electric gates. On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of the county nursing homes that take indigent elderly barely offer a sign-in desk! Keeping everyone safe definitely need to be #1.

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