Boxer Briefs…for Women?!

This evening, I went to Target in search of a new nightgown. (My favorite one came out of the dryer ripped up the left side. After a year of frequent use, it’s ready for retirement.) Since intimates, hosiery and sleepwear are grouped in the same section, I browsed through most of it, hoping to find a few things I’d like.

The nightgown selection was sorely lacking. I did, however, spot the oddest undies ever: boxer briefs for women! I’m not talking about Boy Shorts panties, but honest-to-goodness boxers intentionally made for us.

Here’s how Hanes classifies them: “When you combine his style with your fit…a vintage-inspired boxer brief that features full coverage. Tag-free and convenient…a boyfriend stretch that’s all girl.”

I understand that gender lines are exceptionally muddled right now, but there is a difference between men and women and the clothing/underwear that each gender requires. You can’t be “All Girl” if you’re wearing men’s briefs.

It doesn’t matter if Hanes makes them in pink, they’re still not feminine. They’re creepy, weird and actually don’t look comfortable in any way. 

What’s next, G-Strings for men? Thongs for teen boys? Where does the madness end? It shouldn’t even be a question that women wear panties and men wear boxers or briefs. 

I truly wonder what clothing stores will be like a decade from now. Will there be separate sections for men and women, or will everything be tossed together, labeled as unisex?

It’s a Brave New World, folks, and I wonder where dinosaurs like me will fit in…

6 thoughts on “Boxer Briefs…for Women?!

  1. Leela

    I think women will want more feminine things because of the push to make everything unisex.
    They don’t look feminine to me.

  2. Miri

    Okay, I actually wear them. Not that brand, but another maker’s that has even longer legs. They’re modest, they’re super comfortable, no panty bulge lines or wedgies, you can take your pants off when you get home and still be decent(ish)ly covered, they come in cute designs, what’s not to like? The ones I’m wearing right now have unicorns and rainbows. They make me smile to put on in the morning and not the least bit gender confused, so…

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      If you don’t mind me asking, does your husband like them too? Mine thought women in boxer briefs was terrible! I’m not saying you can’t wear and enjoy them if that’s your style, but I prefer a more traditional style. Rainbows and unicorns, however, would be a lot more feminine. 🙂