Crazy Men’s Fashion: Jeff Goldblum in Zebra Outfit

When I picture a 6’4, 66-year-old man, a head-to-toe Zebra outfit doesn’t come to mind. Evidently, Jeff Goldblum has a different mindset. A recent photo from his Instagram, featuring him in a matching sweater and skintight pant combo, has over 178,000 likes. (No joke.)

Such an outfit would be considered weird on a teen idol, but on someone old enough for Social Security, it’s downright ridiculous.

Perhaps it’s a desperate attempt to look young and hip. Perhaps he thinks it’s cool. Whichever, it’s still weird and not flattering, similar to a granny wearing a miniskirt. 

The funny part is that in the past, he was actually considered to be quite fashionable, and has been featured on multiple GQ magazine covers. Compare today’s look with the 80’s and it’s shocking.

What happened to the time when every man and every women dressed to look their best? Where is the age-appropriate, gender-appropriate clothing? There is a difference between male and female, kids and adults. We’re not supposed to all dress alike. Things have become so mixed up and silly, it’s about shock value, not looking good. 

Personally, I love clothing from the 50’s and 60’s, when men wore tailored suits and ties. Ladies always wore fitted but modest dresses and looked so beautiful. Androgyny seems to be the goal these days which is sad indeed. 

Society mimics what Hollywood puts out. How are young people supposed to be normal when a senior male wears an outfit meant for a teen girl? It’s getting nuts! We need to stop the insanity. Clothing should be tasteful, not vulgar. It should make the wearer feel better not worse. These crazy styles don’t add anything positive to the world. 

Let men return to masculinity and women return to femininity, and please, for the love of everyone, keep the seniors away from animal print. 

10 thoughts on “Crazy Men’s Fashion: Jeff Goldblum in Zebra Outfit

  1. Alicia Hewitt

    Yes, this outfit is outrageous, but it must mean something to him. I’m not sure what to think of it though. Clothing these days has become weird, and too revealing.

  2. Christy DuBois

    I do not understand some people. Not saying that I know everything and do everything correctly at all. However, I have encountered people that I honestly did not know what gender they were because of their clothing style, hair style, etc… Not that this makes the person a bad person, it seems to me being able to look at a person and know their gender would be beneficial to everyone involved.

  3. Debbie Welchert

    It’s a crazy world isn’t it. I have to say even thought he looks goofy here, he still looks a lot better than he did in the movie The Fly.