4 Dairy Free Recipes That Mimic Traditional Shavuot Foods

Shavuot is a holiday when dairy foods are commonly eaten, with ice cream socials and cheesecake parties being a fun way to celebrate. I personally love this tradition and because no one in my family is dairy sensitive, it’s never been an issue. (Well, aside from the extra calories and fat, it isn’t.)

But what about folks who can’t eat dairy, either for health reasons or taste? Nobody wants to be left out, so making dairy free versions of what’s being served is a kind gesture. Because many copycat recipes taste truly awful, it can take some experimenting to find a winner. 

One of my closest friends has a little girl that is extremely allergic to cow’s milk—to the point that she can’t go to restaurants. Shavuot is probably the hardest Jewish holiday in their home because of the dairy issue. She has tested tons of different things and recommends this menu because it’s the most kid-friendly and tasty. I have not made any, but I have been served them, and I would agree. The flavor, of course, is not identical, but for anyone with a true safety issue, it’s an excellent alternative.

Cashew Alfredo Pasta

Like the classic fettucine, it has a cheese—sort of, it’s made from soaked and blended nuts. The look is the same; the taste is close.

Coconut Custard

Very smooth like a pudding. Try adding toasted almonds along with flaked coconut as a garnish. 

3-Ingredient Mocha Milkshake

The author makes her own ice cream. I’d use prepared because it’s easier. Yummy either way. 

Cranberry Bliss Bars

Similar to blondies, these make a nice chewy treat. Be warned the ingredient list is long, with some obscure items. The taste is wonderful, if you’re feeling ambitious.

For those who don’t have time to cook, look for So Delicious brand. Their ice cream is awesome and the fudge bars—provided you can find them—are another good pick. 


Do you have any dairy free recipes to share?

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