Why is Europe Targeting Down Syndrome Babies?

Should a woman who’s pregnant with a Down Syndrome baby be encouraged to abort it? Strangely enough, the answer to that question may depend on what country she lives in.

Due to genetic testing becoming more widely available, mothers have to face a gut wrenching choice if their test is positive. Most, understandably, would have mixed feelings and 67% of American ladies choose not to carry a Down Syndrome baby to term.

While 67% may seem high to some, it is nothing compared to the stats coming out of Europe: France is at 77%, the UK is 90%, Denmark is 98%, and Iceland is leading the pack with a nearly 100% rate!

Since it’s almost impossible in a free society to get 100% of the people to agree on anything, that is very, very suspicious and points towards a strong bias coming from the government. Rather than being given neutral information, ladies are pressured into following a terrible Eugenics agenda.

The push, of course, is based mostly on cost. Europe has fully socialized medicine and wants to control who gets the limited resources. Because they don’t deem the disabled “worthy” enough, the disabled may soon disappear!

This is frightening on so many levels. Instead of looking at humanity and the world from a God-based perspective, many folks in the science community want to play God themselves, with life and death powers over their fellow men and women. Should they get to decide that Down Syndrome isn’t fit to live? Because you know it won’t stop there—any type of disability could be next. What about the deaf, the blind, midgets, Autistic, low IQ, Epileptics, anyone who needs crutches or wheelchairs? Once we start down this slippery slope, it may never end.

I am passionate about protecting the rights of all people, especially those who have special needs. They are not handicapped; they’re handi-capable! Just because someone isn’t born “perfect” doesn’t mean that we have the right to judge them worthless. People with Down Syndrome are different, surely, but not bad! They are beautiful, loving, joyful folks who deserve what everyone else does. So what if they need extra medical help? Isn’t that what society is here to do, help those who need it most?

Time and time again, I am struck by the empty, vicious, one-sided argument that comes out of the Atheists. They believe in superiority, not equality, whereas a true person of faith recognizes that all people are created by the Lord, in his image, and only He can make or take a life. Not us.

I don’t judge any lady for what she chooses to do with her own uterus, but that choice must be freely made, without undue influence and unnecessary fear. If she decides not to, okay, but if a mother wants to keep her Down Syndrome baby, shame on any doctor who tries to talk her out of it. These decisions can’t be based on cash; they must be based on love. I dare anyone to look into these precious eyes and tell him he never should’ve been born…