I Made it Through the “Bomb Cyclone,” But Trouble Continues

The good news: I made it through the “Bomb Cyclone” mega storm, safe and sound, without injury or loss of power.

The bad news: The clean-up is a true nightmare! Snow is everywhere and drifting; multiple branches came down; and the extreme cold is truly arctic.

Over a foot of snow fell in my area and the winds are blowing and screeching like a hurricane even now. After multiple attempts to shovel, without much progress, we’ve decided to just stay inside for a while. I had so many fears of worst case scenarios, due to the unbelievable panic caused by the news and Weather Channel, but thank the Lord, it wasn’t unbearable. Scary, yes, but not even the worst winter storm I’ve ever seen.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of the year, possibly on record, which makes the clean-up even more difficult. This has not been a good winter so far and I’m already over it!

Because I didn’t know if the power would turn off, I was hesitant to start any projects, so I just lazed around, did some reading, and had a little quiet fun while coloring. These freebie sheets are available at McDonald’s and intended for kids; however, I think they’re good for all ages.

Because the storm area is almost the entire East Coast, I’m sure a lot of my readers are also effected. I hope and pray all of you are okay and safe!

10 thoughts on “I Made it Through the “Bomb Cyclone,” But Trouble Continues

  1. Jackie

    We lazed around yesterday also and didn’t do too much. I’m not leaving the house tomorrow….will be too cold. I can’t wait until spring!

  2. Michelle Castagne

    What a scary thing to go through. I’m in California so I can’t imagine it being that cold and stormy.

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