Painful Pregnant Feet Need MommySteps Maternity Insoles

Soreness, swelling, and widening of the feet are all common during pregnancy, leading to an uncomfortable experience. I had these symptoms coupled with dizziness—all of which made me feel very unsteady walking around. It seemed like every part of my legs hurt from hip bones, knees, ankles, and toes!

I tried using special lotions, compression socks, heated booties, foot pads, and even bought a few pairs of new shoes. While those provided minor relief, there is a better option available: MommySteps™ Maternity Insoles.

Unlike regular shoe inserts from the store, MommySteps are heat activated. You simply warm them in the oven and shape them around your own foot for a custom fit. They can be re-adjusted up to 3 times, allowing for continued growth as pregnancy progresses and more weight comes on. Each MommySteps insert provides a cushioned cradle, with optimal arch and heel support.

There are two styles available, Casual/Flats (Black) and Athletic/Active (Blue). I didn’t notice much difference between them and found that both worked equally well, depending on whatever shoe option I needed for a particular day or occasion.

MommySteps come with a 60-day comfort fit guarantee, so satisfaction won’t be an issue. Anyone struggling with foot/leg pain will definitely consider them worth every penny. It would also be a useful gift for someone who’s expecting.

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    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      According to the web site, they make inserts from sizes 4.5 to 11. I’m not sure how wide they would accommodate? Probably check with customer service first.

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