Ridiculous Michael Jackson Innocence Claims & Fundraising

GoFundMe has lost its last shred of moral standing by allowing Taj Jackson—nephew of Michael—to solicit money for a pathetic documentary series that will “defend Michael Jackson’s name and legacy from calculated lies.”

The pushback from the Jackson family was sparked by Leaving Neverland, HBO’s shockfest about Michael Jackson’s long history of child abuse and exploitation. (It doesn’t premiere until Sunday, but I’ve seen some clips and cast interviews that were absolutely heartbreaking.)

It’s hard to believe that anyone could deny mountains of overwhelming evidence, but the “super fans” refuse to see the truth. To date, over $65,000 has been raised by 1,781 people in less than a month. 

I have no doubt that some of those suckers are also part of a Facebook group called “The Michael Jackson Innocence Project.” It’s only right to pity the 953 people who liked it because they are truly clueless, pretending that it’s normal behavior for a grown man to surround himself with an entourage of young boys who toured with him, lived in his home, showered with him, and slept in his bed. 

These are the same trolls who are terrorizing Wade Robson—accuser in Leaving Neverland—for changing his story. (He once testified that Jackson had not abused him, but now admits that was a lie and the molestation began when he was only 7-years-old.)

I do not condone perjury; what Robson said under oath was a lie and that’s 100% wrong, but I can understand a victim being afraid of their abuser, even as an adult. Some victims need decades worth of therapy before they’re able to admit the truth. I admire him for coming forward now to set the record straight. If he had testified honestly, the first time around, Jackson probably would’ve been convicted.

Just because someone is talented in music doesn’t make them a saint. Jackson is no different than R. Kelly in this regard. Their fame and money allowed the abuse to spread like a cancer, hurting hundreds of innocent kids.

Regardless of what the lawyers say and what the family says, it’s not about money. It’s about justice. Victims deserve to tell their stories, how ever and when ever they are ready to do so—even if it takes them 50 years. More than anything else, they deserve an apology. Because Jackson is dead, they’ll never get one and that’s the saddest part of all. 

8 thoughts on “Ridiculous Michael Jackson Innocence Claims & Fundraising

  1. Celeste Herrin

    I was always a huge fan of Michael’s Music, but to me it was always clear that he was a very disturbed person in many ways. I could never let my love of his music blind me of the many red flags that somehow people are willing to overlook.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      A person can be talented and also be evil. His music has definitely been overshadowed by his many personal problems. I will never forgive child abuse. He shouldn’t be celebrated anymore.

  2. Calvin

    Lots of these kinds of things revolving around Michael Jackson.

    On a moire positive note.. there’s this funny face book page that posts everyday asking if he is still dead?

  3. ellen beck

    I am an oldster- and recall way back when he and his brothers first began. I never understood why he slowly began morphing into a completely different person. I had heard about the abuses he himself suffered, and contributed it to that.
    Then the abuse allegations began… somehow I believed it from the very beginning. Jackson basically had no childhood. he really I think didn’t know how to be a man. His strangeness became ever more disturbing.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      He did not have the ideal childhood, that’s for sure. But how many people suffer through childhood abuse and don’t go on to hurt others as adults? Many! Abuse is horrible, but it’s not an excuse to be a predator. Jackson was a bad person who used and abused young kids that idolized him.