Silver Star of David Pendant Giveaway

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to be stylish is by trying out new accessories. I love to wear jewelry daily, and necklaces are my favorite. I have quite a few in my collection, especially Judaic designs.

Ka Gold Jewelry takes the traditional designs we all know and love and makes them into something unique, using sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a term which describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence. Master Jeweler, David Weitzman, has spent many years studying Kabbalah, Egyptian wisdom, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism and other concepts. His goal is to create jewelry that incorporates sacred symbols for healing, balance, and unity.

Because there are so many gorgeous designs to pick from, looking through their site is delightful. I wear gold mostly but I’ve been wanting to try something new in silver, so that narrowed it down a bit. Finding this beauty, that’s supposed to bring the wearer a great feeling of self confidence, security, and balance, was a dream come true.

This silver Star of David pendant is engraved with a sentence from Psalm 91, along the outer edge, and has a lovely stone in the center. It can be customized by selecting your preferred stone and chain length/type. Since turquoise is my birthstone (December), that’s what I picked.

Whenever I find something online, I’m always curious to see if I’ll like it as much in person and my necklace didn’t disappoint. It was super-shiny out of the box, smooth, and lightweight in feel without being flimsy. It’s also much larger than a typical pendant, making it a standout piece that’s quite eye catching.

I’ve worn it three times since it arrived last week and it’s great for day or night events. When I wore it to a beauty salon, the receptionist even commented on how pretty it was (love that!). I can see myself enjoying this necklace for years to come.

Ka Gold Jewelry has generously offered this exquisite necklace for a giveaway. There will be one winner and entries will be open until September 9. Good luck to all!

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Which stone would you pick?

28 thoughts on “Silver Star of David Pendant Giveaway

  1. angelehm

    I wish I had thought about something like this for my mom as she lost her Star of David necklace. Mom passed away on the 18th and we prepare to say goodbye Wednesday I am searching for it now. It is a beautiful necklace

  2. Carol Faulkner

    You always entertain me. I am a big fan of your efforts. Thank you for this raffle. I would love to have this pendant with a red garnet for my January birthday.

  3. laura588

    This is such a beautiful pendant. I would wear it honor of my mom who has passed and hand it down to my daughter.
    Laura Benjamin Emerson

  4. Mimi

    This is beautiful, and what a lovely verse. I’d probably get the turquoise as well, because I was born in December, too.

  5. paula peterson

    Beautiful give away. I’m home schooling my daughter to help teach her the bible, great idea for a lesson.

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