Super Savings Saturday – 4/29/17

Welcome to another edition of Super Savings Saturday.

This week was full of awesome deals on food, toys, and cosmetics. For once, I wasn’t short on time and browsed at my leisure. Here’s my haul from three stores:


I have been getting lots of free items by playing the Monopoly game promotion that the store is running. Most of the time, it’s bonus tickets, but also some actual food—free sour cream, free bagel, free canister of salt, and a free donut.

Lucerne cheddar cheese, sale price $0.99 with MyMixx coupon.

Signature Farm baby carrots, sale price $0.99 with MyMixx coupon. 

Refresh soda, sale price $0.49 with MyMixx coupon. 

Signature Cafe hummus, sale price $0.99 with MyMixx coupon.

Snack Artist BBQ chips, sale price $0.99 with MyMixx coupon. 


After reading about a huge unadvertised toy clearance, I popped over to my local store to check it out. To my surprise, there was tons of stock and everything rang up for less than $1.00!

6 Disney Palace Pets, clearance price $0.69 each! (90% off original price and going right into the stockpile for future gifts.)

2 Ballerina Barbie, clearance price $0.69 each! (Also 90% off.)

I have no idea why these were discounted so much, probably just a fluke, but I’m certainly not complaining.


I spent about an hour in the clothing department, in search of some warm weather items. I didn’t end up buying anything because nothing really struck my fancy, but it was still fun just trying things on. I was especially curious to see the Victoria Beckham collection. There was very little on the shelf and what was there was picked over and limited in size/style. I’m waiting til it’s restocked before I offer an opinion.

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