Sweat Skirts Are So Frumpy

A reader named Sunny left the following comment about letting yourself go:

“The culture has become obsessed with comfort to the point of being sloppy. I’m sick of seeing pajamas at Walmart and sweat skirts worn out to dinner. Dressing up used to be the norm for women. My mother was part of the White Glove generation. She is disgusted by how everyone dresses now.”

Excellent points there, but the one that sticks out the most to me is the sweat skirt. Ladies, if you own one of these, throw it away immediately! It is so ridiculously frumpy, just like a long denim skirt. Even on the pin-thin model above, it doesn’t look good, especially paired with sneakers.

I’m not against sweats for sleeping or working out, provided it’s limited to those activities. Wearing sweats on a daily basis, as part of your normal wardrobe, is not stylish and will only make you feel unattractive. Clothing with an elastic waist and a drawstring is never stylish. 

It’s true that structured clothes are not the most comfortable option. Guess what, they’re not meant to be! Loungewear and Daywear are not the same thing, for obvious reasons. You wouldn’t wear a bathrobe outside, right? It’s same the principal. 

While the white gloves of the 50’s and 60’s are long gone, fashionable clothes still exist. (Yes, we’re much more casual today, and that’s fine, but we’re ladies and we should look like it.) Wearing a nice skirt that actually fits, secured by a real zipper or buttons, should not be seen as a burden. 

16 thoughts on “Sweat Skirts Are So Frumpy

  1. kathy pease

    I agree that is not a good look at all. I do wear sweat pants at home now and then but that is mostly to keep my legs warm in our vermont winters. The skirt is really ugly! lol

  2. Leela

    I’ve never even seen one before. I do not like sweatpants either. I’d rather wear yoga pants 😉

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Yoga pants are comfy, but they can also be very revealing. Like everything else, there’s a time and a place. I don’t think exercise gear should replace daily clothes.

  3. tat2gurlzrock

    I am all about comfort and I am sure those are. BUT! That look is just horrible..seriously LOL

  4. Ellen B

    I’ve never seen anyone wearing anything like this. I like to be comfortable and don’t really dress up – jeans and a hoodie are my favorites. We don’t really go out much to like dinner.

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Jeans and a hoodie can be cute if they’re not faded and fit right. I’m not saying every day is like a fashion parade, but a nice outfit should be the goal.

  5. Teresa Dominici

    I agree with you. I remember when I arrived from Italy I was at the grocery store I noticed a middle-aged woman wearing a robe & curlers. I was shocked. In Italy just going across the street to the store we wear an elegant attire. At home I like to wear something comfortable, if I know friends will drop by then I change. I did not loose the habit of dressing good when I go out.

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