TorahLine Card Game Giveaway

Do your children complain that Jewish learning is boring? Do you need a fun and educational activity that will pull them away from tablets, computers and TV? 613 Games has the solution: the new TorahLine™ card game series!

Created by a father of four, Chesley “Akiva” Coughlin knows firsthand what kind of games actually appeal to little ones and will hold their limited interest. With a total playing time of approximately 15 minutes, it’s a quick, easy, and interactive way to teach Scripture to children.

The first game in the TorahLine series, Exodus from Egypt – Shemos, Va’eira and Bo, depicts the story of Passover through 90 colorful cards. The front of each card has an event title, a hand-drawn illustration, and verse text. The back includes the Torah portion and chapter/verse numbers. 

Like any other type of flash card, it helps with memorizing. Because a picture is also included, there is double reinforcement, which I love. We have played it twice as a family, with both kids and adults enjoying it, particularly my youngest who has difficulty with reading and prefers to learn visually. His favorite are the plague cards, which are, in his words, “gross but cool!”

Torahline is ideal for children ages 6+ and is a great tool for home use, at Hebrew schools, and Jewish camps. It would also make a super gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

One winner will receive their own game to try. Enter the giveaway by 2/11/17.

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9 thoughts on “TorahLine Card Game Giveaway

  1. chavamazal

    I love this, I think even my husband and I could get something out of it! But I’d give it to a family at our synagogue.

  2. Marty C.

    Neat idea. I’d have to put it away for a year or two until the kids are a little older, but I’m sure I’d learn/remember a lot myself from playing it with them.

  3. Laura Coughlin

    Hi Laura Coughlin here at 613games. So excited you are doing this! Thanks! It is a great way to incorporate more fun into your Passover Sedar and also fun on Shabbos! Adults enjoy it as well!

    1. The Jewish Lady Post author

      Hello and welcome! The game is awesome, for kids and adults. I think I may like it even more than the kids actually. We haven’t used it for Shabbos yet, but that’s a great idea. It will be the highlight of the Seder for sure.

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